The general policies of the Association, terms of reference of the Executive Committee members and ordinary members, sub-committees set up as necessary for programme planning and others considered necessary, shall be drafted by the Executive Committee. All acts and proceedings of such sub-committees to whom powers are delegated must be reported back, as specified by the Executive Committee.

  • The Treasurer shall keep an accurate and up to date set of the Association’s accounts and all monies raised shall be applied exclusively to further the aims of the Association.  No member shall have any right of inspecting any accounting records or other book or document of the Association except as conferred by law or authorised by the Executive Committee.
  • The Association’s accounts will be independently audited on annual basis and will be presented at the AGM.
  • Cheques and other methods of transferring the Association’s funds must be authorised by the signature of either any two officers from the Executive Committee


  • Alterations to this Constitution shall receive the assent of 75% of the Executive Members present and voting at an Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting.
  • A resolution for the alteration of the Constitution must be received by the Association from a voting member of the Association at least thirty-five days before the meeting at which the resolution is to be brought forward.
  • At least fourteen days notice of such a meeting must be given by the Association to the membership and must include notice of the alteration proposed.
  • The chairperson will decide on the procedure of the proposed amendment.


  • At any time and for any reason, it is considered by the majority of the Executive Committee that the dissolution of the Association would be advisable, a General Meeting will be convened and the recommendation placed before the membership with full supporting information.
  • A motion may be moved to dissolve the Association at an Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting and be carried by at least 80% of members present and eligible to vote including proxy vote.
  • Prior to dissolution, the meeting shall decide on the disposal of the assets of the Association to an organisation/s as appropriate, acting in the best interests of the ABF.


  • The Association is positively committed to equal opportunities.


  •  In adopting the within written Constitution, all previous proceedings of the Association are ratified.


  •  Any notice to be given to or by any person pursuant to this constitution shall be in writing except that a notice calling a meeting of the Executive Committee need not be in writing. For the purposes of this clause ‘writing’ shall mean letter, fax or e-mail.
  • The Association may give any notice to a member either personally or by sending it by post in an envelope addressed to the member at his registered address or by leaving it at that address. A member whose registered address is not within the UK and who gives the Association an address within the UK at which notices may be given to him shall be entitled to have notices given to him at the address, but otherwise no such member shall be entitled to receive any notice from the Association.