Membership of the Association shall be approved by the Executive

Committee and is open to individuals and businesses prepared to abide by the rules contained within this document and others imposed from time to time as necessary and who has paid, in full, the appropriate Membership Fee which shall be decided annually in advance by a General Meeting.


  • Membership of the Association shall be offered in one of the following categories, as appropriate.
  1. Class 1: Full member:Any businesses based in Buckinghamshire with one vote per business.
  2. Class 2: Affiliate member:Open to any businesses or organizations with common interests.
  • Affiliate members will not have voting rights.
  • Membership fees shall be as determined, from time to time, by the Executive Committee and endorsed by a General Meeting of the Association. Such revised fees shall become effective only after endorsement.
  • Every person or organisation who wishes to become a member shall deliver to the Association an application for membership in such form as the Executive Committee require.
  • A member may at any time withdraw from the Association by giving at least 7 clear day’s notice to the Association. Membership shall not be transferable and shall cease on death (if an individual), dissolution (if a partnership) or liquidation (voluntary or compulsory)(if a company).