The Association shall be administered by an Executive Committee. This will consist of a Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary.

I     No person who is not already a full member of the Association and able to vote may be elected to the Executive Committee.

  • For the purposes of this clause:

II    ‘Family’ means the Member’s spouse, child, parent, brother, sister or any lineal descendant of the member.

  • ‘Member’ means an elected member of the Executive Committee.

III      No person may be elected to the Executive Committee if a Member of his/her Family is already serving on the Executive Committee.

IV       The signatories to this constitution shall constitute the initial members of the Executive Committee.

V      At the third annual general meeting and thereafter at every

subsequent three year interval all the members of the Executive

Committee shall retire from office.

VI       If the Association, at the meeting at which the Executive Committee

retires by rotation, does not fill the positions, the retiring Executive Committee shall, if willing to act, be deemed to have been re-appointed unless a resolution for the re-appointment of the Executive Committee is put to the meeting and lost.

VII      An Executive Committee member who retires at the annual general

meeting may, if willing to act, be re-appointed. If he/she is not re-appointed, he/she shall retain office until the meeting appoints someone in his place, or if it does not do so, until the end of the meeting.

VIII       An Executive Committee member’s position shall be vacated if:

  • he ceases to be a member of the Association;
  • he becomes bankrupt or makes any arrangement or composition with his creditors generally;
  • he is, or may be, suffering from mental disorder and either:-
  • he is admitted to hospital in pursuance of an application for admission for treatment under the Mental Health Act 1983; or
  • an order is made by a court having jurisdiction (whether in the UK or elsewhere) in matters concerning mental disorder for his detention or for the appointment of a receiver or other person to exercise his powers with respect to his property or affairs;
  • he resigns from his position by notice to the Association;
  • he shall for more than 6 consecutive months have been absent without permission of the Executive Committee members from meetings of the Executive Committee held during that period and the Executive Committee members resolve that his office be vacated.

IX     Where a person has specialist knowledge of use to the Association, that person may, at the sole discretion of the Executive Committee, be co-opted to serve on that Committee for as long as such service is required, regardless of whether such a person is a member of the Association or not, and provided that co-opted members have no voting rights or influence other than advice regarding decisions required to be made.

X     Subject to the provision of this constitution and to any directions given by special resolution, the business of the Association shall be managed by the Executive Committee who may exercise all the powers of the Association.

XI     The Executive Committee may delegate any of their powers to any committee and any such delegation may be made subject to any conditions the Executive Committee may impose.

XII     A member of the Executive Committee may vote, provided that he has disclosed his interest to the Executive Committee the nature and extent of his interest, at any Executive Committee meeting, on any resolution, notwithstanding that it in any way concerns or relates to a matter in which he has, directly or indirectly, any kind of interest whatsoever; and if he shall vote on any resolution his vote shall be counted; and in relation to any such resolution he shall be taken into account in calculating the quorum present at the meeting.