Asian Business Council raises money for Wycombe Wanderers Diversity Project

Over 70 members from the  Wycombe asian business community gathered on Sunday evening, 30th March, for a business function  at Adams Park which is the home of the town’s football and rugby teams. This was an event organised by the Asian Business Council which is based in High Wycombe ,in conjunction with Wycombe Wanderer’s football club.

The main focus was the Diversity Project which  promotes football among youngsters from the Ethnic community.  Wycombe Wanderers football club have employed a Diversity Officer, Aqeel Akram, who has the task of inticing  youngsters into  football.  David Evans, FITC Manager for  Wycombe Wanderer’s stated that “the goal is to have an Asian football player from the local  community playing for the Wycombe Wanderers first team within five years”.

Munir Hussain, Chairman of the Asian Business Council  stated that  “this is  a fantastic  project and will help young people to integrate with the wider community.  Football is a natural shared language which will reach out to young people and foster respect and friendship between all of those involved, including their fathers ,mothers, , brothers and sisters.  This will promote a sense of belonging and we welcome Wycombe Wanderer’s project as visionary”.

Aqeel Akram  shared concerns that he had to raise £5,000 to run the project and was finding funding an uphill struggle.

Members of the Asian Business Council felt that they wanted to help this venture and it should not flounder because of money problems.  Munir Hussain encouraged members to give generously and the £5,000 was raised within 4 minutes from the businesses owners who were present.  Donations came from the Coffee Cup, Soundsorba acoustic panels, Bally Johal  Solicitors, Acepoint Travel , Positive Solutions, Chiltern Hills Estate agents, Aims Wedding services, Farnham Road Costcutters, Hunter and Hunter property providers,Tiger Taxi services and Autopartz of West Wycombe Rd.

Wycombe Wanderer’s offered a football signed by the  Wycombe Wanderers footballers. This was auctioned and the successful bid was from Mohd Ali of AIMS who provides  Asian wedding services .

Aqeel was overjoyed and said “ you have all made my life so easy and the backing that you have shown will carry this project forward”.

The event ended with live Asian  music by “Shalimar” followed by  diner.

Sajad Akhtar (Director of Acepoint Travel and Vice Chairman of Asian Business Council ) and Bally Johal ( Commercial lawyer and Project manager of Asian Business Council ) ,both  thanked everyone on behalf of the Asian Business Council  for the support that all the members  had given to Wycombe Wanderers.

Shahid Akhtar of Wycombe Race Equality Council stated that “this is a good  example of the type of community cohesion work which we  support and encourage. Too often  the wrong headlines hit the front page and this event  shows  that there is a lot of good community integration work happening in High Wycombe”.

David Evans of Wycombe Wanderer’s was “blown away with the response from the Asian business community and their support for  the club “